4 days • 40 workshops • 50 private lessons • 4 parties
Life is greater with forró

May 31 – June 3

Forró Festival

It’s the great opportunity to meet friends and make new ones. 1 great event and unforgettable 4 days and nights. You can count on 9 amazing dance rooms; 15 teachers, more than 40 workshops & 50 private lessons, parties with over 500 participants and endless enjoyment.
Have no ideia what is forró? Check it here!

male noun

  • dnc popular dance, in which one dances in pairs with music origin from Brasil northeastern; foot drag (arrasta-pé).
  • mus this music, of varied genres (coco, baião, xote, etc.).

forro festival teaser video

Forró de Domingo Festival – The Teaser



The Forró de Domingo Festival is known to have the most fascinating forró teachers and focuses on delivering top quality classes. In 4 days you will have the unique opportunity to learn new moves and to develop your dance techniques with the world’s greatest forró teachers.


With over 500 participants every year, the Forró de Domingo Festival’s Parties have a wonderful atmosphere! 4 amazing parties, starting on Thursday with our traditional Barbecue. The venues are splendid and the choice of bands for Friday and Saturday is always one of our top concerns. This is also where teachers make their live presentations for the festival participants to see them at their best.
Last but not least

Forró de Domingo Festival

Over past 10 years the Forró de Domingo Festival brought the first wave of Forró teachers in Europe together. Now it’s time to bring this huge movement together one last time again. With more then 50 Forró festivals happening outside Brazil, We think our goal has been achieved. Now is time to make space for the new. 

2018 we’ll host the last edition of Forró de Domingo Festival celebrating 10 years of Europe’s greatest Forró Festival. We will use all our experience and power to make this last Festival an unforgettable Forró event. 

We might have helped some people to have happier life through Forró. We would be so happy and very glad to see all of you here, celebrating the farewell party of the first Forró Festival outside Brazil.
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Welcome to the last Forró de Domingo Festival! Now you have the possibility to Book Private Lessons.

All teachers who registered, can offer its time. Teacher who did not register, can still do it.

We created a system for booking Private Lessons.  So you can book online after registered for the festival.

To buy your ticket and Private Lessons, access here:

We have reserved at least 4 rooms for these Private Lessons.

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